I am a  blonde + balayage specialist offering session based booking. 


Each of the sessions below include everything you need to create and maintain your desired look, including a haircut and style of your choice. 


There are no a la carte service add-ons or questioning if you should pay extra for the toner or the bond builder. It is all included because I believe it is imperative that I take these extra steps every time to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous. 

You will also find my suggested maintenance plan listed below.


Each session includes two bowls of lightener/color. Lightener/Color mixed beyond the two bowls included are $10 each. 

full session


This session includes a full head customized color placement combining balayage + foil work to create your desired look. 

New guests will choose this block. 

partial session


This session includes a refresh of the entire hairline and where you part your hair, plus a refresh of your toner and a haircut if desired.

toning session


This session is to refresh the tone of your blonde and/or deepen your root shadow in between color appointments, plus a haircut if desired. 

Ready to book?                              to request an appointment.

First Appointment: Full Session

(8 weeks later): Toning Session if needed

(8 weeks later): Partial Session

(8 weeks later): Toning Session if needed

(8 weeks later): Full Session and Repeat

This maintenance plan will look a little different for each guest, this is a guideline I like to use to keep your hair looking and feeling great while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance, lived-in look.

suggested maintenance

haircut and style


Includes shampoo + mask with scalp massage, precision wet and dry haircut, blow-dry + style of your choice.

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